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Top apps for planning a trip on a PR schedule

By: Elizabeth Voss

There’s nothing better than exploring the streets of a foreign city on a warm sunny day, or having a coffee at the cutest café. Living the PR lifestyle can be a little hectic at times especially if you have what seems like 100 projects on the go; throw travel in the mix and things get even crazier. Traveling for work is one of the perks of a communications job, sometimes clients will fly you out to come work on a project, and sometimes you will have to arrange flights for a client to come see you. Whether you’re planning a trip for a client, or yourself we have some apps that are sure to make planning smooth.


Hopper is a great app for planning a trip, it takes the guess work out of searching for a flight. Just select a destination and let the app find you the best month, time, and airline to get the most bang for your buck.  The apps uses an algorithm to calculate when the best time to buy and the best time to fly. This is important for the PR girl because it allows you to quote the client with the best most accurate prices.


Tripit is also another good app for business travel. The app organizes your flight itinerary, meetings, and hotel information all into one calendar. The information can be easily shared as a document with anyone on your team through email. This makes it easy to coordinate flights with other employees, and keep track of clients as they travel.



Concur makes keeping track of expenses abroad easy. Take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app in seconds, then quick add for easy approval from management. It makes business expenses easier to manage for all parties and you don’t have to worry about forgetting your receipt.




Better than Google Maps. Citymapper a user-friendly route planner. Choose from 30 pre-programed cities and find the easiest route to your destination. The app lets you select a number of different variables to get you the best route possible while showing you real-time departures, delays and even the calories you burn on your trip. The best part of the app is that it shows you local fares for your desired method of transportation.

Saw a café you’d like to try while making your way to a museum? Create an account and save destinations for easy access next time!

Google Translate

The holy grail of travel apps, Google translate does just what it says, with its handy picture-to-text translation; it’s easier than ever to read signs and packages while traveling.

No Wi-Fi? Make sure you download the language in the app for offline access!!



Toilet Finder

It might seem silly, but when you’re in a foreign country or unknown city, of which you don’t speak the language, asking for the nearest bathroom might be a little embarrassing. This app pulls locations for public washrooms around the globe and finds the one closest to you!



Go ahead and get your travel on! 

Share your work travel tips and tricks!

-Team GLO

Planning the perfect girls getaway

By: Leah Dermo

Everyone has their own travel essentials. Some would never hop on a plane without their camera while others wouldn’t leave their house without a neck pillow and the latest Cosmo magazine. Oscar Wilde says he never travels without his diary … BUT we say never travel without your best girls.

There’s nothing quite like a good girl squad to make for the perfect vacation. Between rooming with your besties, having your meals prepared for you, being served frozen cocktails and staying up way past your bedtime to dance the night away, the ultimate girls getaway can cure almost anything.

There’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into any great trip. To avoid disagreements we’ve compiled some tips to keep in mind when planning the ultimate girls’ getaway for the best girls’ weekend yet!

Be selective:

It’s critical to make sure the group you’re going with gets along (at least for the most part). Nothing will ruin a trip faster than two frenemies hashing it out when you’re sharing rooms. Sometimes, the smaller the group the better; it’s easier to commit with a small group of a few good friends who genuinely care about each other rather than going with a big group who are competing to get what they want.

Decide what you want from the vacation:

It’s also important to make sure that everyone who is going has a similar goal in mind or has similar interests so there will be minimal disagreements, not only on your vacation, but in the planning process beforehand. Do you want to have your meals prepared by some of the best chefs in the world for the perfect Instagram photo opp? Do you want to go on adventures and party until the sun comes up or would you prefer peace and quiet? Do you want a little bit of both? Whatever your preference is for your trip, make sure everyone has a say to avoid anyone feeling left out.


Unless you travel regularly, a trip is usually a special occasion. Since everyone on the trip is going to be saving a lot of their hard-earned cash to go away, it’s important to consider everyone’s thoughts, feelings and preferences around the destination, airline and hotel. Although you might not necessarily all get exactly what you want every time, a little give and take never hurt anyone and is crucial for a successful trip.

Do your research :

Be prepared and do your research on where you are going, how your getting there, where you will be staying and everything in between! Google when the best time of year is to visit, when hurricane season is, hotels, restaurants and bar reviews, must-see places, excursions, customs (whether to tip your bartender and how much is expected), etc. Although the Internet can be particularly useful for seeking answers, it wouldn’t hurt to use a few different platforms such as travel agencies and social networks to see what previous travellers think you should know before embarking on your next journey. Some of our favourite go-to travel sites are DK Eyewitness Travel and Travelzoo  which covers the latest travel news and deals.

Plan, but don’t marry your plan:

Some of us would have no problem getting on a plane tomorrow with a backpack and no set plan,  while for others, they have already planned out tomorrow’s outfit. While it’s certainly important to be organized for your adventure, it’s also important to be flexible, especially in a group. Imagine “subject to change” is stamped across your itinerary so you don’t feel bad about missing your 8 a.m. snorkeling session for a late brunch with the girls.
Although planning a group trip may seem stressful at times, keep in mind, the purpose of this trip is to have fun and take a break from the stresses of everyday life. Try to enjoy every moment, from chaotic to-do lists to foreign airports, because memories come from the least expected adventures of the trip. 



What are your go-to spots for a girls getaway? 

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